TVSC Message on mask policy as of 2/17/2021
We understand there are concerns regarding the mask policy, every parent must decide what is right for their child and family. Please understand that we have to abide by the governor's order and the rules of our sanctioning body (EPYSA).

Twin Valley Soccer Club and all the leagues and tournaments in which we participate are part of the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA).
As such, we are required to follow their face covering/mask policies, which are mandated by the PA State Department of health.

Face coverings must be worn at all times during practice and games by players, coaches, officials and spectators.
Below are more details from EPYSA and the state mandate. Exceptions are available for medical conditions and other scenarios as outlined in section 3 of the state order.
Eastern PA Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA) Covid 19 Resources
Zack Saint Field Spectator Map
Covid 19 Info - TVSC Action Plan
*This document does not take the place of medical or legal advice.

COVID-19 Safety and Action Plan

In accordance with guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer, our organization (TVSC) will return to play with the following Safety and Action Plan.

a. Communication & Education:
• All players and parents will receive a copy of our Safety and Action Plan (This Document) before return to play begins. (This will also be posted on our website)

• CDC Education materials will be shared with all participants (coaches, players, and parents) on behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID-19 to include but not limited to: hand hygiene, sanitizing equipment, properly covering coughs and sneezes, staying home when appropriate, wearing face coverings when appropriate and the practice of social distancing.

b. Steps to Reduce the Spread:
Coach will complete a checklist prior to all practices and games: See attached form
1. Screen and record for Temperature before practices and games
2. Screen and record for COVID-19 symptoms
3. Screen and record for Travel outside of Pennsylvania
4. Players or Coaches will not be allowed to play if positive for any screenings
5. First week of practice, NO CONTACT regardless of stage
6. Face coverings worn by coaches, at all times
7. Face coverings worn by players while warming up, on the bench/sidelines, coming and leaving the field
8. Face coverings must be worn by spectators when outdoors and unable to consistently maintain social distancing (6 feet) from others not from their immediate family.
9. Spectators should be limited to immediate family members
10. During games- Spectators and Players on the same side of field, opposite end; Starting Oct 24 Spectators and parents on opposite sides.
11. No sharing of any drinks
12. Sanitize available in team bags
13. Sanitize goalie gloves frequently throughout the game
14. No handshakes before, during or after practices/games
15. Practice social distancing as currently recommended by PA/CDC guidelines
16. Any guideline that is added by PA or CDC

Phased reopening plan

1. Stage 1 (2-3 weeks) (June 26 to July 10)

• County has gone from Yellow to Green (Berks CO. Date of change: Friday June 26, 2020)
• Training permitted within organization only
• No Body contact, social distance during training
• No games, scrimmages or league participation permitted
• Reduced numbers of participants
• No shared equipment
• Spectators not permitted, parents can stay in vehicle
• Adult coaches must wear masks when with participants

2. Stage 2 (2-3 weeks) (July 10 to July 24)

• County remains Green
• Body contact is permitted
• Scrimmages and friendly games with other clubs in same Green County permitted
• No league participation permitted
• Spectators permitted with social distance
• Adult coaches suggested to wear masks with participants

3. Stage 3 (2-3 weeks) (July 24 to Aug 7)

• County remains Green
• Scrimmages and friendly games with other clubs in all Green counties permitted
• No league participation permitted

4. Stage 4 (2-3 weeks) (Aug 7 to Aug 21)

• County continues positive progress in Green with most government restrictions lifted
• League participation is permitted
• Social distance of spectators recommended during league games
*dates subject to change*

c. Identification of COVID-19 exposure:

Parents of participants will notify the board of TVSC, Michael Roach, 610-425-2715, if the participant or someone in the participant’s home is presumptive positive or tests positive for COVID-19.

TVSC will notify Chester County Health department and will follow their recommendations.

TVSC will notify participants who came in contact with the individual of potential exposure following CDC guidelines and HIPAA regulations on confidentiality.

d. COVID-19 Point of Contact:

For all TVSC COVID-19 related policy questions and concerns, the individual name below will serve as the point of contact.
TVSC contact: Michael Roach
Cell: 610-425-2715